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Friday 10 June 2011

Corbeil-Essonnes (Essonne) France - Confrontations with the police at Tarterêts estate

cette semaine

Le Parisien - 07.06.2011 -Troublemakers have yet taken aim at the police yesterday evening around 21 hours. Forty hooded youths threw stones and Molotov cocktails at riot police present with three cars. The assailants also fired gunshots, but as no impact was noted, is believed they were alarm weapons.
The police responded with tear gas, managing to stop fairly quickly the attack that occurred in the lower Tarterêts, not on the heights as Sunday night. On Monday, the climate remained heavy locally. Spirits were still rumbling on the riots of the night before and the drama of the small Daranka.
The emotion is palpable.
Tarterêts, an estate bristling with towers, urban renewal started a decade ago has failed to overcome the tensions. Here the rounds of CRS, the ambushes, the stoning and shooting of tear gas are part of everyday life. Sometimes with tragic consequences: last summer, one of the CRS [riot police] was beaten with a hammer. In stairwells smelling of urine despite recent works, graffiti "Fuck the police" are reminiscent of the undeclared war between some youths and the police.
For two weeks, residents say, the area has been experiencing a resurgence of tension. "Every day, evening or afternoon, there are fights between youths and police said a mother. Even we are afraid to go out. It is quite distressful. "
The drama of Sunday night only increased the discontent. Without waiting for the results of the inquest, people are pointing a finger at the police. In the building where Daranka and his family, originally from Guinea-Bissau, live, the emotion is palpable. "From my window I saw the little one fall. It's a shot from the police that touched him, for sure,” says a young man. "There is no end to clashes outside our house, another says angrily. The police shoot flash-balls without hesitation. "
"It is true that a lot of things going on and the police are under attack because they disturb it. But the young people have also had enough of checks and the relentless attitude of the police, "said a neighbour.

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