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Sunday 12 June 2011

Ouargla, Algeria - Unemployed youth burn police station

cette semaine

08/06/2011 Social tension persists in Ouargla. Once again, violent clashes, this Wednesday, June 8, young unemployed in the wilaya confronted forces in riot gear. "The clashes between the two sides began around midnight yesterday. Riot forces came to dislodge the unemployed for several days in protest outside the office of the wilaya and who decided during the evening to cut the road," said Tahar Belabas, a spokesman for the National Committee defending the rights of the unemployed, reached by telephone.
"The neighborhood kids Utba Said responded by the hundreds to support the young unemployed who were then faced with the security services," says our interlocutor. He said the local police station was burned in the clashes that lasted until five o'clock in the morning. On Wednesday, the situation remained tense in the city.
"In fact, the" uprising "of the district can be specifically explained. Besides the misery in which its people live, it was the scene of several attempts at immolation. The last two months. Those who tried to immolate themselves are still in prison ... there is also a barracks next door, "says an activist for human rights who requested anonymity. On 24 May, a young National Committee of the rights of the unemployed has attempted to set themselves on fire outside the office of the wilaya. But he was unable to take action by the police.
In Hassi Messaoud, located 86 km southeast of Ouargla, unemployed youth protesting for days before the daïra suspended their hunger strike in protest but remain. "No official has not contacted. It's the same for young Ouargla, "says Tahar Belabas.
In the town of Ouargla suicide attempts are also numerous. Last March, a 20 year old hanged himself in Hassi Messaoud. Main oil region of the country where large oil companies are located, the town of Ouargla has an extremely poor population. Protests have increased in recent days to seek employment and a dignified life.

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