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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Helsinki, Vantaa, Finland - Solidarity attacks


Tuesday night 13.4.2011 we burned five dumpsters at Pukinmäki train station in Helsinki. We also wrote to the wall some slogans for free spaces.
During the next two nights we burned dumpsters at several places in the city of Vantaa.
Tuesday 19.4. we attacked the police by setting a fire to the street, and when police showed up, greeted them with stones and paint bombs. Police responded by attacking the nearby Social Centre Satama, which they found empty after a long siege and assault inside.
During the night 31.5.-1.6. in the district of Pukinmäki, Helsinki, we closed the Kenttätie-street, that police use a lot, by setting several dumpsters on fire.
Early friday morning 3.6. in the Helsinki district of Pasila, we set a bomb under a car of private security company Turvatiimi. Although the bomb was fully functional, we decided not to explode it, so that bystanders or workers in other companies won’t get into danger. This is why we set the bomb visibly to the side of the car, so that everyone in the courtyard could see it.
Early saturday morning 4.6. we attacked with molotov cocktails against two gas stations in the Helsinki district of Tapaninvainio.
Monday morning 6.6. we called bomb threats to following embassies: Belarus, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Chile, United States, Germany, Greece, Italy.
We chose these countries because of the ongoing struggles there. We wanted to make the representatives of these countries to feel a bit of that fear, that our anarchist comrades have to face in their everyday struggle against the violence machine of the state.
With these attacks we want to show our solidarity to the comrades of Social Centre Satama and their struggle for free space. We also send revolutionary greetings to Roma migrants in Helsinki, who are oppressed daily by the violent apparatus of the state.
With these attacks we also express our support to every anarchist prisoner, and want to remind that struggle will continue despite the attempts to repression by the state.
The time of empty talk is over, long live anarchy!

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