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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Silwan, Jerusalem - Palestinian residents in constant struggle against Israeli army. Many children arrested


13 June, 2011 - Clashes have occured sporadically throughout several districts of Silwan tonight between Israeli forces and Palestinian residents. Witnesses state that Israeli forces have fired tear gas in the streets, while local youth throw stones at Israeli troops and settler guards.
A 7-year old boy has been summoned by Israeli police for investigation, Silwanic has learnt. Saed Rajaby from Silwan was summoned by telephone to the police station for interrogation. Police offered no reason as to his summoning.
11 June - Israeli forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque yesterday, Friday 10 June, after the midday prayer. Troops entered from Dung Gate, firing sound bombs in the mosque courtyard. Muslim youth responded with stones in an effort to repel the attack. Three youths were arrested by Israeli forces on suspicion of stone-throwing. A police campaign of arrest is expected to continue throughout coming days.
8 June - Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and sound grenades in the streets of Baten al-Hawa district of Silwan late last night, say eyewitnesses. Many residents were affected by symptoms of asphyxiation due to gas inhalation, including children and the elderly. Local youth retaliated by throwing Molotov cocktails at the Israeli military-occupied building adjacent one of the settlements in the neighborhood, that has become a makeshift base for troops.
8 June - Confrontations swept through Bir Ayyub district late last night between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth. Dozens of tear gas grenades were fired in the streets of the densely-populated neighborhood.
8 June - Two men were arrested by Israeli forces in Baten al-Hawa yesterday after they attempted to prevent an Israeli raid on a local home last week. Rajaby Zuhair, 36, and Firas Rajaby, 23, had attempted to block Israeli forces from raiding their home in Baten al-Hawa last Friday, 3 June. Their detention was extended by the Israeli Magistrates Court on Sunday 12-6-2011 , all three face legal action for attempting to block the Israeli raid on their family home on Friday 3-6-2011. Authorities claim that the three men’s actions threatened the lives of Israeli troops.
7 June - Israel’s continuous arrest campaign of Palestinian youth and children of Silwan has intensified in recent weeks, with no place or activity seemingly safe for minors from Israeli authorities. Arrests have occured as children return from school, drink coffee on the balcony of their family home or buy vegetables in the street. Many minor arrests in recent days have taken place during quiet periods in Silwan, entirely unprovoked.
The campaign highlights Israeli authorities’ willingness to defy basic standards of conduct and treatment, such as targeting and criminalisation of minors. Humiliation and physical assault are reportedly commonplace in interrogation and detention, even for minors.
7 children numbered amongst 8 arrested by Israeli forces in Silwan today.
...The targeting of minors has left Silwan families frightened for their children and ever-more cycnical of Israeli forces’ largely unfounded allegations against young members of their community.

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