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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Athens, Greece - the second day of the General Strike in Athens

from the greek streets

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - Twenty demonstrators arrested and many injured as riots continue in Athens during the night.
Held in a cell for three hours, the demonstrators were then transferred to the police HQ for another six hours. All detentions were swiftly turned into arrests, and all people in solidarity are calling for a solidarity gathering for today (29.6) at 10 a.m. outside the courthouse in Euelpidon Street.
21.24 GMT+2, Syntagma square, Athens. The clashes between people gathered at the square and police have started, once again. At approximately 21.10 GMT+2 the police tried once again to evacuate the square, to no avail. The people are defending the square.
23.15 GMT+2 A huge crowd at Syntagma tonight, multiple times larger than the crowd at the General Strike demo in the morning. Clashes between riot police and the demonstrators forced the temporary halting of the concert at Syntagma. At the time of writing, there are many stun grenades and tear gas thrown at the demonstrators.
23.17 GMT+2 Dissent is generalised, there are people hurdling rocks to the police across the centre of Athens. In Stadiou Ave, police are now attacking demonstrators and the clashes continue in Syntagma as before.
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - Police taking positions to clear Syntagma. 11.35 GMT+2 The police attack the people’s blockade outside Hilton hotel. There is a huge need for people to join the blockade. Those who want to get there should go from Mihalakopoulou or Megaro Mousikis. The aim is to close off the intersection. At least two people injured. Stun grenades and tear gas in abundance
11.40 GMT+2 The blockade at Kalimarmaro (the Panathenaic stadium) is under attack. At least one person detained.
1.30 GMT+2 The new agreement is expected to be voted in parliament at approximately 1400 hours local time.
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