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Friday 10 June 2011

Mexico: Claim of sabotage against Renault dealership in Veracruz

culmine, translated by war on society

06/06/2011 - Early on May 20th we vandalized the Renault branch located on Av. Lazaro Cardenas, whose large windows were destroyed with one of the weapons that has always been on the side of the oppressed: stones. The situation of passivity that the present situation offers us–with work and consumption, alienating our lives and the building of the power of drugs as a brutal form of totally consolidated fear and domination–demands rupture with capitalist and statist everyday life and therefore the task of the revolutionary today is to superimpose their self-esteem and individuality against the establishment in order to counter the domination and self-domination to which life finds itself subjected. Therefore the search for the denial of obligations and the taking-hold of conflict and the daily sabotage and the creation and stimulation of liberatory experiences that aim toward human, animal, and earth liberation become totally necessary within each field of our life.
Through this communique we extend support, solidarity and complicity to all comrades of the social war who have fallen into the clutches of power being incarcerated in Chile, Greece, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the rest of the world and especially to the Mexican comrades Adrian Magdaleno and Braulio, and to all the prisoners who, in opposition to the interests of capital in certain manner, have been imprisoned in Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca–especially for the living reappearance of comrade Carlos Rene, disappeared by the new Oaxacan government.
A greeting also for the comrade Luciano of Chile who finds himself in the hospital and at risk of death for the accidental detonation of an explosive device that he was going to place in a bank branch as part of the continual social war that is waged by those parties.
Finally, the situation in Mexico requires mobilization as things get worse: increasingly brutal repression, militarization, paramilitarization, growth of drugs and their culture, poverty, environmental destruction and aberrant exploitation. Anonymous warriors, intensify the struggle!!!
2 years since the death of Mauricio Morales: You live on in every attack against power!!
Compañero Luciano Pitronello “Tortuga”: Upward and Onward!!
For the destruction of all physical and mental prisons!!
For the freedom of Adrian Magdaleno and Braulio Duran!!
Total fire to capitalism and every form of domination!!
Against the self-limitation of the struggle: Social war on all fronts!!
To ensure that Anarchy Lives On!!

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