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Sunday 8 January 2012

Palermo, Sicily, Italy - Molotov against headquarters of right-wing youth movement Giovane Italia


06/01/2012 - An incendiary bottle was launched yesterday at 11pm against the building in Via Paolo Paternostro 43, in Palermo, which hosts the headquarters of
Giovane Italia [Young Italy, right-wing youth movement], the youth organization of  Popolo della libertà [People of Freedom, PdL is centre-right political party in Italy. With the Democratic Party, it is one of the two major parties of the current Italian party system. The party was launched by Silvio Berlusconi  and officially founded in a party congress on 27–29 March 2009, when Forza Italia and Alliance Nazionale were merged together]. 
The flames produced by the petrol bomb damaged the front door of the building. This was announced by the youth movement. Some of the young members were inside, but because of the noise caused by the storm did not notice the incident and a neighbour gave the alarm.
"Our headquarters - said provincial president of
Giovane Italia, - has been repeatedly subject to attacks and damage. Only a few weeks ago, during a march organized by students at the community centre nearby, some  masked youths stained the walls of the premises and threw stones at the windows. This gesture is undoubtedly a serious leap in violence by opponents of the extreme left galaxy..
The gesture, according to Giovane Italia, "seems to be a clear intimidation" against the organization that has promoted in recent days, along with other movements of the right, the event next Saturday in Palermo in memory of young people of the MSI killed in the massacre Acca Larentia in 1978.
Also last night appeared in the city centre the written phrase "10, 100, 1000 Larentia Acca."
The Acca Larentia killings refers to three deaths that occurred in Rome the evening of January 7, 1978 in which three activists of the Fronte della Gioventù (neo-fascist Youth Front) were fired upon from a group of five or six assailants armed with automatic weapons.
Responsibility for the attack was claimed a few days afterward through an audio cassette discovered next to a petrol station, on behalf of the Nuclei Armati di Contropotere Territoriale (Armed Groups of Territorial Counterpower):
« An armed nucleus, after skillfully gathering information and controlling the sewer (referring to the MSI Party headquarters) in Acca Larentia, hit the black rats in the exact moment in which they were leaving to go on with another violent action. Make no mistake comrades, the list is still long. »

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