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Tuesday 24 January 2012

L'Île-Rousse, Corsica - First floor of college ransacked

corse matin (via cette semaine)18/01/2012 - "A cyclone." This is how the scene of vandalism discovered Monday morning by the cleaners of the establishment, on the first floor of the college-Pascal Paoli, in L'Île-Rousse was described. In each room, insults - tagged with black paint - designed specifically against teachers, supervisors, educators in general. Spanning whiteboards, but also on the tables, computer screens ... But the vandals did not stop there: computer equipment was also found destroyed. The rampage took place during the weekend, when the college was closed.
An investigation opened by police  

An investigation was opened on Monday morning. There, investigators make use of the findings. Then the cleaners can finally clean up the devastation and restore the normal aspect to the damaged rooms by working hard all day Monday. "This morning, the teachers took the students over to the main college. They explained what had happened, and we did some prevention against violence." That afternoon, the teachers gathered in the General Assembly and came out on strike."In addition to verbal abuse and degradation of materials, student work and photographs of school trips have been damaged", complain teachers of the college collective of teachers. There is a security problem, they add. We want to ask a government contractor for the security of the institution. "At the scene, no sign of tampering was found.The investigation is ongoing. And even if no trail has been ruled out, investigators tends to favour students or ex-students of the institution. In terms of the faculty, there is concern that such acts, if they are not punished they will one day lead to aggression against not objects but people. The sackage of the first floor left a deep sense of unease. Giving a disturbing impression of "escalation" in a fairly quiet setting.

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