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Thursday 28 July 2011

From house arrest in Santiago, Chile - Mónika Caballero in solidarity with the comrades of the CCF and with Billy, Silvia and Costa


In anticipation of the start of the political-judicial-thriller media spectacle known as "caso bombas", I am breaking the silence of house arrest to send a fraternal greeting to the comrades the who yesterday saw the conclusion of their first trial. The exemplary vindictive measures of the powerful have shown themselves in the territory denominated the Greek State.

It may seem a poor strategy on the part of one risking a sentence of 20 years' prison (accused of participation in a non-existent illicit terrorist association and the placing of explosives) to show solidarity with people who declare themselves guilty, but I am not interested in entering the rationale of the oppressors and observing implacably as they imprison the warriors that collide with this society and who, attacking, passed to action with conviction. Solidarity to those who have passed to the offensive has always been criticized by the pseudo-revolutionaries who see anti-authoritarian practices as youth fashion, and when the war carries high costs they take a distance and become mere spectators of a battle which they have neither the ovaries nor the balls to continue, nor is it to make a group sacrifice or deliver oneself easily to the enemy.
But what would happen if you did not make acts of solidarity toward those who have been struck by capital? Is it less dangerous to support those that are legally innocent? I am an anarchist and I am not interested in the laws of society. Solidarity is not just a high-sounding word of communiques, it is material and concrete practice.

Wherever they are, an imprisoned anti-authoritarian cannot feel alone. Tomorrow could already be late…
For you prisoners of the "Halandri case":
I read your communiques and declarations, I have made many of your words my own and cherish them like a beautiful treasure, without ever having had the opportunity to exchange a word with you I call you comrades and I feel your heavy sentences in my bones.

The hegemony of power uses (will use) the same strategies, the trial that is being carried out in this part of the world is a bad copy of other trials, your trial will be a model to be followed for many governments, it will be "the great antiterrorist victory". But all this happens where there is the most beautiful disobedience. Ideas cannot be defeated, indeed they reinforce themselves in others that hold them carved in their chest. I imagine the pleasure on the faces of the guards at seeing the bodies of such worthy people behind bars, anger and disgust inebriate me at a mere attempt to be in their place. Prison, death and escape are in the DNA of the unyielding, they are the cost for having bitten the chains.

Walls and borders separate us, ideas unite us.
A tiny gesture… I hope it will give you a smile in these hard times.
I would like to take this opportunity to send a hug of solidarity to Silvia, Costa and Billy
I give you a poem by Sandra Trafilaf, political prisoner of Pinochet's military dictatorship, written around 1984.

"Fences and metal doors
surround this underworld
trying imprison our joy of living
and loving
the letters of my comrades
are fluttering
in this improvised writing desk
cries and voices from afar
mingle with their words
confused, dark memories
of murderous volleys
and all the same I
fill up again with struggles
and victories.
I am not alone."

Mónika Caballero
An anarchist awaiting trial
Ps: I would like to thank each individual and/or collective that spreads each release and makes possible interaction between comrades.

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