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Friday 16 April 2010

Mexico - Explosive attack against a Volkswagen showroom

source: Liberación Total, 15.04.10, via culmine

We have decided to extend the revolt again, to destroy established order and ruin social peace. We have strugled, having both the moon and darkness on our side. While thousands of alienated and pathetic minds were wandering around the city, we struck our enemies once again; the destroyers of the ecosystems that are cynically expanding their anthropocentric dominion over the whole of the earth, the planet in which we are developing, this planet consumed by the three most devastating industries in living memory: the motor industry, as well as the meat and the coal industries.
These industries are those which now, at this moment, are playing with the destiny of the planet with human and nonhuman animals their disgusting systems of production and exploitation to fill their pockets with money that comes from power and the destruction of the environment . This attack, that of super-exploitation and the extinction of the planet cannot continue at the cost of the extinction of wild nature, and that is why we have decided to attack one of the companys of the car industry.

A Volkswagen sales point, a few metres away from the town hall of Ecatepec, in the State of Messico, has been attacked. Our weapon? A bin full of dynamite and bolts to increase the destruction has been exploded. We have exploded our bomb in response to the destruction of wild nature through the production of cars that this company sells.

We will not stand by arms folded, passively observing how they are destroying the only thing left wild and free in this rotten world.

We have shown that the repression, prisons and police do not scare us, that is why we have continued with the offensive.

For the immediate freedom of the prisoners for the liberation of animals and the earth in Mexico, Abraham, Adrián and Alonso!
For the extension of the social war for animal and earth liberation!

Neither vandals, nor provocateurs, Ecoanarchists chingao!

Frente de Liberación de la Tierra

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