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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Athens - “Union of Athens Daily Newspapers Editors” occupied by 200 comrades

The “Union of Athens Daily Newspapers Editors” (i.e. columnists) (ESIEA) was occupied around 13:30 until 16:00 (local time) by comrades that wished to express their outrage about the mass media’s stand concerning the 6 arrested anarchists.

From the very first moment this story broke out, the media consistently manufacture an image of tough, ruthless terrorists, and attempt –despite the absence of any evidence– to convince that they 6 have orchestrated every single bomb explosion, crossfire etc in the past decade. They are basically presented as the coordinators of all greek terrorist organizations. Their names and photographs were illegally exposed by the media even before the photographs were given out by the police (!).

More than 200 gathered, handed out texts and hang a banner reading: “Zero tolerance to state repression”.

Their announcement goes as follows:
“This occupation of the Union of Athens Daily Newspapers Editors’ offices, by over 200 comrades, –a union presided by the security police puppet-journalist Panos Sobolos–, was organized in response to the terrorist-spectacle the mass media have been presenting avidly during the past few days on the arrest of comrades, which are accused of being members of the “Revolutionary Struggle”.
A “case” with no evidence, which is socially supported solely by the state’s narrative, which is repeated word-to-word on the news and in newspaper columns by television and newspaper mouthpieces. A state narrative that after the December revolt attempts to incriminate the anarchists on a legal, moral and ideological basis (the very points institutions are consisted of). Legally-lawless (or outlaws), morally-cowardly, ideologically-fascists: it is on this basis that the ideological and repressive assault, and the consequent criminalization, develops.
The counter-revolt campaign of the state and the mass media escalates, along with the struggle for social and individual liberation, solidarity and unselfishness, self-organizing our actions and our everyday lives. Especially during times of tough antisocial offensive and in depth pillage of society by the political and economic elite.

Zero tolerance to the state and mass media terrorism
Freedom to the imprisoned fighters
Solidarity is our weapon

from occupied london/after the greek riots

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