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Saturday 3 April 2010

Italy, Lecco - bug found in a comrade's car

A few days ago a comrade in Lecco found unwanted guests in his car. Some nice bastard had in fact placed, linking it to the electricity supply of the light of the passenger seat, a bug made from a modified cellphone, and aerial, a Gps sensor and a microphone (see photographs). The instrument was placed between the bodywork and the inside covering, fixed by two magnets.
This find, given the present climate, certainly can't surprise us. It is annoying, in a system that accepts only tacit consensus, to pester power, raise one's voice and carry on struggles against that which is afflicting our lives more and more. This in fact is but the latest repressive attack in this town. Only a few weeks ago the request for special surveillance of a friend and comrade, and not long ago the “certification” of 12 comrades by the police of their presumed social dangerousness ”verbally warned”.
They are trying to intimidate, repress and arrest, but none of this infamity will ever work. In Lecco for years one carries on doing what one thinks, and for those who want to govern our existence, thought is already in itself dangerous, very dangerous. Spying, listening, keeping under surveillance…nothing works better for this system. Whoever spends their whole life without even being to look at themselves in the mirror, murderers in the streets and in the barracks, guards and torturers in the detention centres and prisons, are often expert at interfering in other people's lives. Anything we say isn't free, it can always be used against us. Our secrets and our arguments, our kisses and our words of love, our music and our singing are spied on by the managers of constituted order.
Besides, the stench of death emanated from any of the sgherri of power once they have come inside our cars is hard to get rid of. But may they be sure, all this will never even scratch the passion for freedom that whoever struggles carries with them. All this will never be able to dampen our smiles. All this can only give the struggle more life, more vigour, more rage. ANARCHICI LECCHESI
translated from informa-azione

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