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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Buenos Aires - Barricade and attack on Church

source: Archivo Paulino Scarfo
Yesterday, 24 March, with another anniversary of the last military coup in Argentina, while the Plaza de Mayo was occupied by the Madres, now allies of the government in complicity with various peronist representatives, and while the left were preparing the usual procession to the Congreso (Argentinian Parliament), a group of anarchist comrades decided to flee the logic of the transport of sheep and commonplaces in which to demonstrate a presumed discontent, and to clarify the enemy and power both in democracy and in dictatorship, between the same species and of the species over nature. It is thus that, around three in the afternoon, we attacked a church at the corner between the calles Callao and Tucuman, right in the centre of Buenos Aires, with paintbombs, stones and barricades with burning tyres and other objects found lying around.
A banner was left saying:
It all took less than 10 minutes, but when the police arrived the comrades had already dispersed, without any problem and to the surprise of these subnormals, happy to keep alive the flame of so many combattents that had made subversion their daily practice. We don’t want to lose this occasion to greet our comrades that are prisoners in different parts of the world: in Argentina, Diego, La Galle, Leandro and many more... Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel still kidnapped by the Chilean State ... all the prisoners in war and those that day after day are facing the enemy in the streets and with all the means at their disposal. In vengeance for Mabel Guerra assassinated by a prefect in villa 31, for Luciano Arruga desaparecido after having been locked up and tortured in the commissariato of Lomas del Mirador, for Luciano Gonzales desaparecido after the repression in Corcovado, in memory of the comrade Lambros Fountas fallen in combat with the Greek police, the comrade Mauricio Morales, the comrade Diego Rios in hiding insurgent and making a joke of the Chilean authorities...
Solidarity to the prisoners on Hungerstrike in the Unidad Penitenciaria de La Plata.
For the destruction of the State, its defenders and it’s false critics.
Against democracy, against dictatorship, for anarchy, for freedom.p.s.: We didn’t choose the church as a point to attack with the simple analysis "support to the military coup", but for being another entity to be destroyed, an entity that transcends the forms of government that they give themselves at a given moment in time.

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