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Monday 12 April 2010


A witch-hunt against anarchists has been unfolding in Athens since the early hours of Friday with at least 6 people until now detained in relation to "terrorism". The media have launched a rumours campaign indiscriminately disclosing names and accusing the detainees of being members of the Revolutionary Struggle. As a response the Athens Polytechnic has been occupied by anarchists in solidarity.

The Athens anti-anarchist witch-hunt started in the early hours of Friday, with anti-terrorist police breaking into three houses and detaining four people in relation to "domestic terrorism". After the first information was leaked to the usual parrot-blogs and parrot-journalists of the Ministry of Public Order the Greek public has been bombarded by images of the stormed houses, dubbed "terrorist lairs", and with thinly veiled information about the detainees which the media portray as having been arrested despite no such official police proclamation. The media campaign identifies at least two of the detainees with historical figures of the anarchist movement in Greece, well known for previous imprisonments, hunger strikes and the mass movement in solidarity these led at the time. Naturally we are not going to reproduce the names or more info on the persons here. Then followed more operations, with more houses of anarchists broken in, with allegedly two more people detained, a fact not clarified by the police. This led to renewed anti-anarchist allegations and propaganda in the media, which by then were reproducing wild stories about the alleged connection of the detained with the assassinated anarchist Lambros Foundas, and about "weapons and communiques found in the lairs". What seems to be the case is that the police has found "material that could be use to construct explosives" i.e. any domestic cleaning powders, some engine oil etc, and "written material and notes that could be used for writing communiques similar to the Revolutionary Struggle", i.e. any marxist or anarchist literature. Moreover another anarchist was stopped while walking in the streets of Athens and arrested as a suspect for "armed robbery" in a supermarket. The police led him to his parents' house where his great-grandfather's 1914 hunting gun was confiscated as evidence of the crime. The man has been led to to the state inquisitor this morning.

The reaction of anarchists in Athens has been the occupation of the down-town Polytechnei
(act for freedom now)
Information ‘leaked’ from the police suggest that the so called ‘Anti-Terrorist units’ are searching for ten more people to arrest.
More than 500 people held an open assembly in the occupied Athens’ Polytechnic to decide about the immediate solidarity actions.
Earlier during the day two solidarity gatherings took place outside two of the raided houses in Exarcheia and in Petralona, Athens, while the police was in ’searching for evidence’, minor clashes with the riot police took place in front of the two sites.
Today, the news about the arrest of these people and the raids of their houses by the police dominate a great proportion of the Greek media…today, Sunday evening, the Greek government agreed to take a loan from IMF…

All 6 Arrested Persons are Anarchists

UPDATE 23:20 GMT+2 Despite the time, more that 300 people gathered chanting solidarity and anti-police slogans in front of the house of a comrade while the police was raiding it searching for ‘evidence’, in the Athens’ down-town quarter of Kypseli.


Information ‘leaked’ from the police suggest that the so called ‘Anti-Terrorist units’ are searching for ten more people to arrest.

(occupied london)


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