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Saturday 27 February 2010

News of the comrades arrested in Turin

translated from non fides
mercredi 24 février 2010

Some news from Italy, with above all the address of the comrades who are imprisoned and apparently held in isolation.
You can write to them in French, English or Italian, that helps to show that they are not alone and surely makes one feel better when one is in prison:
- * Luca Ghezzi, Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino
- * Andrea Ventrella, Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino
- * Fabio Milan, Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino
Yesterday about 60 people gathered in front of the CIE (centre of identification and expulsion) in Turin. News from inside, the resistance against expulsions, the resistance against being locked up in the CIE continue to be circulated. In any case, inside like outside the struggles continue.
Here below is a summary of some newspaper articles each with titles one worse than the other. (for example: "anarchists accused of over 60 actions", "2 years of raids and violence, operation agaqinst the anarchists", "behind the revolts of the immigrants..."
- 1) The arrested comrades are considered to have carried out 2 and a half years of struggle against the immigration politic of the Italian government and against the detention centres. Pêle-mêle are evoked :
- occupations of the Cgil, the Red Cross, Lega Nord, an Egyptian museum, the Greek consulate where solidarity faxes were sent from.
- regular gatherings in front of the CIE in via Brunelleschi (referred to as "assaults" or "attacks" by police and media)
- actions against firms that collaborate in the functioning of the CIE (the Red Cross again)
- demonstrations in public places such as the bio restaurant Eataly where during a hunger strike an intervention took place with distribution of leaflets.
- the small action at the very chic restaurant « Il cambio », frequented by right wing politicians and journalists of Turin, where, still during a hunger strike of detainees in the CIE, excrement was thrown into the room.
- 2) It is suggested that behind the revolts there are people who struggle against detention centres, prisons,.... Certain newspapers, basing themselves on extracts of telephone interceptions, relate extracts of conversations between comrades and detainees going back to July 2009, saying that they were inciting them to revolt. As if these people, foreigners with no stay permits, were too stupid and too happy with their situation to think of rebelling alone...
- 3) In the police logic, there are leaders, they present them, expose them, put their photographs in the newspaper, 2 of the 3 people are in prison.
- 4) Re the raids at Radio Blackout it is said that the investigation concerns the part that carried out the struggles in the detention centres and also information put out on the radio and sms to warn about police patrols...
- 5) It is pointed out that « investigations » against this figure of the "enemy within", which in Italy they call « insurrectionnalist anarchists » are continuing.
Solidarity and freedom to everybody with or without papers in Italy like elsewhere!

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