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Monday 12 July 2010

Police under attack in Nothern Ireland

the vast minority

11 July 2010 - POLICE in Northern Ireland have come under attack in a number of incidents over the weekend.
Reports The Belfast Telegraph: "Colleagues had to help two officers escape from their car in Ballymena on Saturday night after a man wielding an axe smashed the windscreen.
"The officers were responding to reports of suspicious activity in Kew Gardens shortly after 1am yesterday when their car was surrounded by a group of people.
"A man armed with an axe smashed the windscreen while another man was seen carrying a machete. Two male police officers escaped the vehicle with the help of colleagues who arrived at the scene.
"One man in his 20s and another in his 40s were arrested later yesterday morning.
"Meanwhile, police were attacked by stone throwers while investigating reports that petrol bombs were being thrown in the Ballybeen estate in Dundonald.
"Shortly after 10.40pm on Saturday the PSNI received reports that petrol bombs had been thrown in the Craignish Crescent area. Officers responding to the incident came under attack from people throwing stones and other missiles.
"Three petrol bombs were thrown at police vehicles, but no damage was caused and no one was injured. Inquiries into the incident are continuing.
"Later, at around 12.40am, two petrol bombs were thrown onto the carriageway at Ballybeen."
12 July
Almost 30 police officers were injured after shots were fired during serious overnight disturbances in Belfast.
Police said a total of 27 officers were injured - 13 in the Broadway disturbances and 14 in North Queen Street, including the three who were shot - a woman and two men.
Three officers were wounded by shotgun pellets when nationalists attacked officers as the traditional Protestant 11th Night celebrations were taking place across Belfast.
The shots were fired in the North Queen Street area, north of the city centre. There was also disorder in the Broadway area in the south west of Belfast when around 200 nationalist rioters attacked police with missiles and petrol bombs.
Police responded by firing a number of baton rounds and deploying a water cannon.

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