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Friday 16 July 2010

Angry news from Belgium

from suie e cendres

DIEGEM – Vandals worked hard during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday on a construction site in the Broekstraat. They destroyed the windows of engines and cut the wiring.
[In the Broekstraat, there’s currently a huge construction site for the Brussels mobility project Diabolo, executed by the companies BAM and VALENS. BAM is also candidate for the construction of new prisons in Belgium while Valens, part of the EIFFAGE Group, is building a new detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel. Nvdr.]
16/07/2010 - SINT-STEVENS-WOLUWE – In the Frans Smoldersstraat, firemen had to come out during the night of Wednesday to Thursday for a burning antenna for mobile phones. The antenna was completely burned.
16/07/2010 - TILBURG – A prisoner in Tilburg put his cell on fire. The prison of Tilburg is actually being rented by the Belgian State to provide extra cells for Belgian prisoners. Belgian prisons are overfull. It’s not the first time that the ‘Belgian’ prisoners in Tilburg are protesting.
16/07/2010 - GHENT – A van was put on fire around 4h30. Two vehicles next to it were also damaged. GENK – Around 10h in the night, a car was put on fire in the Trichterweg. HALLE – Around 2h in the night, a BMW car was put on fire in the Labbeekstraat. Police found traces of inflammable material.
15/07/2010 - BILZEN – Vandals damaged four buses of the public transport company De Lijn parked on their parking lot in the Stationlaan.
[De Lijn also known for collaborating with raids against people without legal papers on their transport network, nvdr.]
14/07/2010 - BRUSSELS – A person without papers who was squatting an empty factory building, was arrested for interrogation concerning a fire in an empty building. Arrived at the police station, he started to beat two cops with his fists and feet.
12.07.2010 - LA LOUVIERE – Vandals put fire to two prefab container school classes in the school rue de l’Abattoir in the afternoon. The prefabs have been destroyed.
12/07/2010 - GENK – On a industrial commerce terrain, around 1h50 in the night a vehicle burned. The vehicle was parked on the parking lot of a company.
12.07.2010 - LIEGE – Around 4.30am, firemen were called to the industrial commerce terrain in Rocourt. In the rue Vicinal, at the company MF Transports, three trucks were on fire. Police are sure that it was arson. The author(s) cut through the fence to get to the trucks. Also the entrance of the company was damaged by flames.
13/07/2010 - LIER – On the National Day of Flanders, a Flemish flag was burned in Lier. A bit before, also a Belgian flag was set on fire.
10.7.2010 HOUTHALEN-HELCHTEREN – Vandals threw a Molotov cocktail against the renovated catholic Parish Centre in the Bremstraat. Damage was limited. Two days later, another fire was started. This time, the author(s) broke a window and set fire to the curtains, causing limited damage.
8/7/2010 - LIEGE – Around 2 ‘o clock in the morning, a fire destroyed several pieces of industrial machinery and material. A part of a hangar belonging to the company AMV in the Avenue des Métallurgistes was completely consumed by fire.
6-10/7/2010 - Vehicles burning in four cities: LIEGE – On the 6th of July, three cars burned in the rue de Carmes. The heat of the fire made several shop windows explode.LA LOUVIERE – On the 8th of July, a car was put on fire. LIEGE – On the 9th of July, in several places in Liège, at least three vehicles were burned by Molotov cocktails. Also a publicity panel suffered the impact of a Molotov. MONS – On 10th July, in two different places in the city, two cars were burned.
8/7/2010 - TOURNAI – The ATM terminal of a gas station at the Boulevard des Nerviens was voluntarily destroyed.
6/7/2010 - BRUSSELS – The first day of the opening (or should we say, closing) of the entrance control gates in a metro station has been chaotic. Lots of passengers were blocked in front of the gates, trapped in the middle or just didn’t understand the bloody thing. Stewards, who had to accompany this change, were overrun by questions, situations and insults. Starting from now, the STIB, the public transport company, is closing off two metro stations with control gates a week.
6/7/2010 - TOURNAI – Molotov cocktails put on fire a schoolbus of the Royal Atheneum of Lessines.

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