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Thursday 1 July 2010

27 arrest warrants after the riots of Sidi Salem, Algeria

Le Quotidien d’Oran

Posted on 22. June, 2010 - The court in al-Hajar has ordered the remanding in custody of 18 defendants, including 4 minors in the late afternoon the day before yesterday, and nine others including two minors, last Tuesday, for disturbing the public order, vandalism and assaults on law enforcement personnel during the riots of Sidi Salem El-Bouni common in the wilaya of Annaba. - "We want to be resettled in the 2000 and completed dwellings built facing the university center of El Bouni. They are rightfully ours! "Demanded the protesters particularly reassembled. - The violent riots that erupted during the early days of this week have resulted in more or less serious injuries to 28 police and 35 people among the rioters in the city of Sidi Salem SAS who used stones and Molotov cocktails. Damage was significant at the antenna PCA Algeria Post, the security headquarters. Violence intensified during the night of Monday to Tuesday, during which a 4 × 4 vehicle of the police and a water transport tank were burned. Yesterday morning, an uneasy calm prevailed in Sidi Salem whose streets resembled a battlefield with its streets littered with burning tires, stone and glass debris and many power poles down.

El Watan
Located 6 km from the town's main town of the wilaya, the city Sidi Salem offers an ugly face of what may be the sets of informal settlements. Summer or winter, the 3,000 families who live there, the majority for over fifty years, live in poverty. It is also a slum in the shadow of which have developed scourges such as crime, prostitution, trafficking and consumption of drugs.

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