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Friday 2 July 2010

Bergamo, Italy - house of a comrade raided in search of weapons and explosives


Yesterday, 01/07/2010 a search for weapons and explosives took place in Bergamo, relying on Article 41. The search was made without a warrant and in the presence of a cameraman of the forensics, who took care to take beautiful footage of the house, and border police with dog. Obviously the outcome of a search of one hour was negative. No one knows the exact reasons for this initiative, but it is probably an Italian extension of the inquest in Switzerland following the arrest two months ago of environmentalist comrades Silvia, Constantino and Billy, accused of carrying explosive materials across the border.
Therefore, I express my solidarity with the repressed Ecologists and all comrades who are suffering the grip of the state, from Toronto to Greece to Mexico, and express with renewed zeal my condemnation of this system, that in these times more than ever is showing its true fascist and racist face.
I also want to bring my solidarity to all those social groups that are living an even more severe form of repression: the denial of diversity as a right to exist, and I condemn every attempt of this government, and global government, to remove those minimum rights acquired by the most defenceless. The news has just come out that benefits are to be stopped for accompanying the mentally handicapped, autistic, Down, delays and persons with psychological disabilities, who will soon be permanently abandoned to themselves and the despair of their families. And I give my solidarity to prisoners in Opera [Milan] who are compelled to pay for fruit and vegetables every week as if they were on holiday.
And women, who besides always having to play the role of mothers and housewives, in order to be exploited equally to men, must reconcile themselves to wearing themselves out in their jobs until death, giving away all their contributions to the state and its mafiosi activities.
Thousands are those that are finding themselves in dire poverty, while our rulers are enjoying themselves and laughing merrily on the backs of the workers, employees, and the whole earth. Against this background, like a rope that is pulling too tight and that I hope will finally break, I relaunch the need for decisive opposition to this system and all the harm that it produces, and to fight relentlessly against this society of bastards who are sucking our whole life!

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