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Wednesday 14 July 2010

Chile - Claim for deafening bombs in extermination centre of Santa Cruz

statement sent to

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - A promise is a promise. Last year at this time, we wrote that: "Furthermore, we note that our next objective is the extermination centre of Santa Cruz" (statement issued July 24, 2009, sent to the site Liberación Total). Therefore, we decided to carry out this action, and clarify that it wasn't or won't be the last, because it fits in with others we have done in the region and did not get the same coverage due to the results obtained.
Our compact and strong group has had this place as an objective for a long time, a place where you feel the nauseating smell of pigs jailers and the living death in the lives of the prisoners who are victims of the (in)justice of this world. Walking dead, who walk behind the bars and see everything as lost in this disgusting social "order", but for us, we already know that this social pyramid lives feeding off "those from below" in order to survive, is not new. For us, for whom every prisoner is a political prisoner, our only weapon is solidarity that seeks to tighten links with the other comrades who are fighting and clashing in this social war. Comrades locked up in different jails throughout the world, all of you a brotherly hug and may this "roar" of hope turn into a metaphor of the approaching explosion of the State-Capital.
Our full support to anarchists prisoners in this region of the world, and now also to Juan Aliste, arrested in Argentina. Our subversive salute to the peñis and the lamnien Mapuche arrested by the Chilean State, which does not recognize them as a people.
Down with the prison walls
Fire to capital and money
For true selfmanagement
Freedom to the Mapuche political prisoners and anarchists

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