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Sunday 24 January 2010

Paris: 27 cashpoints sabotaged in solidarity with those accused of torching the Vincennes detention centre

Indy Nantes, Saturday 23 January 2010

In the 9ème, 11ème, 12ème, 14ème, 15ème and 17ème districts of Paris, 27 cashpoints of the Post Office, Crédit Lyonnais, Société Générale and the CIC were put out of order with the aid of sulphuric acid or hammer blows during the night 22-23 January. Stickers were attached to them to point out that that all of these banks squeal the names of immigrants without legal ID papers to the cops.
In these banks the employees are instructed by the management to call the cops regularly and ask them to control their clients' documents. Fully aware of the consequences that this means for their clients without papers, they deliver them to the police headquarters. Most often these people end up in custody, then locked up in a detention centre before being expelled.. Sometimes they even risk prison.
As well as enriching themselves on exploitation (a bank is always a bank!) these banks are participating in the national sport of hunting undesirables. Like everybody, people without documents are obliged to open a bank account, take public transport, move around, go to police headquarters for their wretched papers. Each one of these moments becomes a border post: each one is a possibility of being caught, controlled, taken away. Even if the consequences are not all the same, with or without papers we all suffer exploitation and control.
Because indignation has never been enough, let's sabotage the machinery of expulsion!

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  1. chronology of this ongoing solidarity week with facts translated to the english is available on the website from France

    i can't post the link, but you may find it easily on the frontpage ("solidarité vincennes"), it's down that page.