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Friday 1 January 2010

Amadeu Casellas announces new hunger strike

From Punto de Fuga translated by This is Our Job

December 25, 2009


Ever since the socialists of the PSC took charge of Catalan prisons, deaths have multiplied, especially during the last three years under Montserrat Tura’s leadership. In Brians 2 prison alone, which opened two years ago, there have been more than 30 deaths. If we take into account that there are 11 prisons in Catalunya, without counting the deaths that occurred in Terrassa Prison Hospital due to incurable disease, how many deaths have there been? Where is the dignity for these sick prisoners who die alone in a prison hospital? Where are the humanitarian motives?

Among the deaths due to overdose or hanging, most are suicides caused by trickery, lies, and the separation of prisoners from their loved ones as a form of secret reprisal or punishment—a sad record for a government that considers itself leftist and socialist. I suppose Montserrat Tura, Councilor of Justice, is proud of exterminating people from working families. The strange thing is that, among so many dead, I know of none who were rich, politicians, police, or businessmen. But of course, how can I be so dense? Such people are not in prison, and when they are here for a brief stay, they are treated with velvet gloves. Certainly not! Right, Montserrat Tura? I imagine that for you it’s a pity I am not among the many dead—nor will I be, at least not from overdose or hanging. If I die, it will be from one of those long hunger strikes I am forced to go on as a result of the captivity that I and other comrades are enduring. But now you see that your lies can’t break me. I am not giving up, and you know it. On January 20, I will begin another long hunger strike, and this one will last until I die or am set free. As you can see, there are more people outside these walls who are with me each time—people who aren’t anarchists like me, because we anarchists, as you already know, don’t yield to authoritarian fascists like you. The people to whom I am referring are the ones who go to the voting booths, and they will surely know that a vote for the PSC in the next Catalan election is the same as a vote for the PP. Therefore, I hope they send you where you belong: the Catalan sewers. The struggle continues, Montserrat Tura. Don’t you forget it.

- Amadeu Casellas Ramón, Girona, 1-12-2009

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