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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Tunisia - Massacre of protestors. Over 50 dead in Kasserine Thala, Feriana, Regueb, Meknassi

cette semaine

09 January 2011 - 16:34 by Radio Kalima
Violent clashes continued between Saturday night and Sunday morning which resulted in more than 50 people dead in the cities of Thala (16), Kasserine (22), Meknassi (2), Feriana (1) and Reguab (8). Special forces and parallel militia (death squads) used live ammunition to overcome the protests that lasted until dawn of the morning today. Witnesses have described the scene as a "massacre of civilians". Special forces fired on funeral processions and prevented burial ceremonies. Kalima has learned that the police fired live ammunition at the funeral of a protester shot dead, forcing the abandonment of the last coffin on the road to the cemetery. Sources said the final death toll could not be determined. Nevertheless twenty-two people were reportedly killed by security forces during clashes yesterday in Kasserine. In the city Ennour in the city of Kasserine, five demonstrators were killed. These Bouzidi Raouf Salah al Fridh, Mounir Mbarki, and Abdelkader Mohammed Lassoudi Boulaaba.
Ezouhour in the city, three people died. The identity of only one of them was revealed, it is Salah El Boughanmi.
At least 16 people were killed and several others seriously injured by gunfire in clashes between demonstrators and security forces at Thala.
The same sources reported three dead bodies thrown into the river near the regional hospital of Kasserine.
In the city of Feriana, sources have reported a preliminary assessment of several injuries and the death of a 13 year old whose identity has not yet been revealed, twenty people were seriously injured transferred to hospital Habib Bourguiba, Sfax and to that of Kasserine.
In the city of Meknassi, clashes that continued killed two, and Youcef Fitouri Alibi Shihab and seven were seriously injured were transferred to the hospital in Gafsa.
At Reguab (center, 90 km from Sfax), clashes have left more than 8 deaths and 7 serious injuries on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

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