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Friday 21 January 2011

Santiago Central Women's Penitentiary, Chile - Andrea Urzúa Cid in solidarity with the CCF on trial in Greece


From hundreds of kilometres away

"to be at war is not a different way of managing society. It is, irreducibly and irreconcilably, ideas about happiness and its worlds. Power knows this, and so do we ... " Invisible Committee

In a couple of hours the trial of the Greek comrades will begin, some of them with enthralling courage have claimed militance in the anarcho-revolutionary group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. Their commitment as militants of freedom with actions of radicalization for a better life, without structures, without stereotypes or any kind of power, the only way for anti-social construction. For all of us a fine example of permanent action for the revolutionary uprising. It is here and now that words and deeds become one. Far from theorising concepts of Revolution, it is concrete actions that show the fury of those of us who yearn to destroy the current state of affairs. Today more than ever we see ourselves in sincere need to create spaces, material and otherwise and self-organization to form a future of conscious individuality, to sow the anti-authoritarian ideas in every corner of the world, with the goal of a better life, away from domination and any form of exploitation.
The current society, founded as a forced association of individuals, will never make possible our dreams of autonomy and freedom. The political-social and economic reality of recent years shows that the modernist criminal system can no longer sustain itself, the spread of the uncontrollable revolutionary idea is putting in check "control and social peace." That 's why the State and power are using as a response their Machiavellian tool, prison. In these moments of physical confinement, my spirit leads me to shout louder than ever:
May solidarity destroy all walls!! Tear down the prison walls! Subvert any established and imposed moral, and social value!
Greek comrades: from hundreds of miles away I send a strong and fraternal embrace full of inherited love and rage.
Hi, comrades!!
Andrea Urzúa Cid - Libertarian Political Prisoner
- Central Penitenciario Femenina - Sezione Speciale di Alta Sicurezza, Santiago, Cile. 15 gennaio 2011

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