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Thursday 27 January 2011

DAVOS, Switzerland - small explosion and heating sabotaged at a hotel during the Davos world economic forum (WEF)


Swiss police have launched an investigation after a small explosion in a hotel store room during the Davos world economic forum (WEF).
The blast shattered two windows but caused no injuries at the Post Hotel Morosani shortly after 0900 (0800 GMT), police told the Associated Press.
Police could not say immediately what was the source of the explosion.
According to Swiss media, anti-WEF activists say they attacked the hotel with a firework device.
The Post Hotel Morosani is just over 1.5km (one mile) from the annual forum's venue.
With 2,500 political and business leaders attending the summit, security in the small Swiss resort has been tight.
A WEF-related lunch focusing on organised crime, called "Criminals Without Borders" was scheduled at the hotel at noon, with speakers including Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Robert Wainwright, director of Europol, AP notes.
'Feel the chill'
Swiss news website received an e-mail from "anti-WEF activists" claiming the attack on the Post Hotel Morosani.
The Post Hotel, the site reports, is being used by Swiss bankers during the forum, correcting an earlier report that the Swiss government was using the hotel.
The e-mail says that fireworks were timed to go off in the hotel at 0600 (0500 GMT), when no staff would be around, but it appears that they went off three hours late.
According to the statement received by, heating oil in the hotel was also sabotaged by having sugar added "so that [Swiss] federal officials and bankers get to feel the mountain chill too".
Anonymous anti-capitalist flyers circulated at a demonstration last week in the north-eastern Swiss town of St Gallen urged activists to "Smash [the] WEF".
"Let us fight together against the unbearable propaganda of capitalism," the flyers read.

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