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Monday 1 November 2010

Switzerland - media hype for the bomb at the embassy in Rome


31/10/2010 - translation from German by Marco Camenisch. Article taken from "20 Minutes", a free newspaper of the German-speaking Switzerland, 13 or October 14, 2010, news quickly picked up by national TV teletext.

ROME / BERN. The Swiss Embassy in Rome is in turmoil: in front of the door an incendiary bomb was found. There may be left-wing extremists behind the attack.The incendiary bomb was deposited on the night of October 5 on the wall that surrounds the Swiss Embassy in Rome. Although it did not explode, it has caused great concern. The embassy immediately called the Italian police. The latter have opened an investigation. According to the spokesman of the Department for Foreign affairs, the embassy had received no warning. There is talk of a "rudimentary incendiary gimmick". For further information, we are referred to the police of Rome. The spokesman reacted angrily to the questions of "20 Minuti" and says "There were bottles filled with a flammable liquid. Behind the attempted attack there would be left-wing extremists. On similar forums, they say they regret that the incendiary bomb did not explode. Near the embassy there would be a sign demanding the release of "Billy, Silvia Costa and Marco" - those left-wing extremists who were allegedly planning the April attack on an IBM laboratory in Rüschlikon. Two of them are Italian. Also included is Marco Camenisch, who since the late '70s, has participated in several attacks on high voltage pylons. All four are in Swiss prisons. Although the bomb did not blow up, these actions are, according to the expert on these environments Samuel Althof of the special clinic for the prevention of extremism and violence, to be taken seriously. "Often extremists on the left use minor actions to send a message to announce a possible escalation of violence." article from 20 Minuten

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