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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Athens, Greece - Letter bombs target embassies

Aol news

ATHENS, Greece (Nov. 2) -- Greek police said booby-trapped parcels exploded outside the Swiss and Russian embassies in Athens, but no injuries were reported.
Two other parcel bombs bound for the Bulgarian and Chilean embassies were also seized and detonated. A further package addressed to the German embassy was returned to the courier company and destroyed.
Parcels seizes on Monday included at least one addressed to the office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
It remained unclear whether police and counter-terrorism units scrambling across the capital were probing more suspicious parcels.
..Two men, disguised with wigs and baseball bats, were arrested late Monday after a parcel bomb bound for the Mexican embassy exploded at a private courier company, lightly injuring a female worker.
One of the men arrested was wanted in connection with a Greek radical anarchist group that set off small bomb attacks in the past, AP said. The men, 22 and 24, have not been identified.
The men were wearing wigs and one was wearing a bulletproof vest. They had pistols and two other mail bombs, including one addressed to Sarkozy. They are both Greek.
When a suspicious package arrived today at the Swiss embassy in the posh, tree-lined district of Kolonaki, embassy personnel tossed it into the embassy courtyard, where it detonated. Minutes later, police foiled an attack at the Bulgarian embassy when a suspicious envelope was spotted by the mission's security guards.
"They tracked down the sender but he insisted he had never sent a parcel to the embassy," police official Petros Panos said. "The package had a bomb." He said bomb experts also carried out a "controlled explosion" before parliament, in the bustling heart of Athens, after a courier driving to the Chilean embassy spotted a suspicious parcel in his van.

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