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Sunday 28 November 2010

Greece - international call out by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire


International revolutionary front

Call for solidarity to the guerrillas of the revolutionary organisation Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, and the revolutionaries and individuals accused for the same case(trial on January 17)

Another reason for our action, via the mass sending of incendiary parcels to embassies and European leaders, was so we can make an international call.
We therefore call to all lengths and widths of the earth, from Europe to Latin America, for the strengthening of the revolutionary war. We organize internationally and aim at the enemy. We can’t wait to see the subversive elements flooding the streets and the guerrilla groups striking again and again. All means unlock and go on the table without taboos and fetichisation. On the demonstrations we smash the heads of cops, banks are robbed and are delivered to flames, bombs blow up governmental buildings, guns execute politicians, journalists, cops, judges, as well as all sorts of protectors of this world. This way step by step the domestic internal enemy becomes even more dangerous for them.
Also solidarity, one of the most powerful and authentic weapons of revolutionary forces, acquires a stronger and coordinated cry. To the mass arrests on a protest in Belgium we in reprisal will put bombs in Greece and when a revolutionary team is jailed in Chile Argentina should fill with rubble from the attacks of comrades. For us the dead guerrillas and prisoners are not a point of truce, on the contrary they become the motive force of the excerbation of revolutionary processes. This is why we believe that Solidarity should become more an armed stubborness of today an not a humanitarian protest of reform.
On the 17th January 2011 in Athens will be the trial for the case of our revolutionary organization. In this are being tried some our proud members, some revolutionaries and other anarchists because of personal relations with the accused. It is of no value to speak of the trial, since we define ourselves outside the limits of juridical authorities. What has substance is the expression of aggressive solidarity to the comrades that are accused and are in prison for this case. For us despite the man-hunt that has been unleashed against us by the police as well as the recent arrest of our 2 members, nothing can stop the continuous and evolutionary course of our action.
In our decision to promote a battle to the end WE CALL in Greece, Europe, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and to the whole world to the comrades and guerrilla formations to send their attacking signals to the judges and the Greek authorities as well as a greeting of solidarity to the hostages of the new urban guerrilla warfare.
Let this trial become another reason for action in the Revolutionary War


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