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Tuesday 16 November 2010

Montevideo, Uruguay - Protest at the Embassy of Argentina in solidarity with prisoners


10/11/2010 - A group of 20 anarchist protesters hurled four liquid tar bombs yesterday on to the front of the Argentinan embassy in Cuareim in the centre of Montevideo. They were complaining about the raid on a student centre located in the Devoto prison in Argentina, on 23 September. Protest. The young people assembled at 16 hours outside the embassy.
The search warrant of the judge was due to the Federal Penitentiary Service maintaining that there was a virtual kidnapping gang in the centre. The raid took place as a teacher was giving a class.
The same September 23, seven students of the University Center of Devoto (CUD) went on hunger strike. According to the anarchist group, the search warrant at the centre was not notified to the authorities of the UBA. The CUD is part of a program of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), which enables young people to undertake tertiary studies in prisons.
The protesters, who were between 20 and 25, arrived in the area of the Embassy at about 16 hours and placed themselves on the pavement opposite the building. After staying there for five minutes, fifteen of them crossed the street and dropped four bombs of liquid tar on the building, two in the front and two in the door. In addition, they hung a banner reading "solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Devoto and Marcos Paz." The Embassy was open, the protesters did not enter.
The policeman that guards the door of the building had gone to the toilet at the time that the protesters arrived. A passing police car saw the incident and reported it to the Sectional 3 rd. The anarchists remained in place for fifteen minutes. They left fliers, "graffitied" the facade and read out a proclamation. The group could not be identified by the police.
Commissioner Rocca, at the scene, told Ultimas Noticias that "this type of event is rare, and usually the events are preannounced."
The protesters also denounced the death in Argentina of the militant Mariano Ferreira of the Workers' Party, which occurred on September 20 following a clash at a rally of railway workers. This crime has not yet been resolved by the Argentinian judiciary.

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