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Friday 5 March 2010

Chile. Santiago - La Idea squat demolished by carabinieros. Valparaíso: “Odio Squat Punk” violently evicted by CP

source: santiago indymedia, 04.03.2010, via culmine

Around 12.00 the Fuerzas Especiales de Carabineros broke into the Occupied Space La Idea with the pretext of the receiving of stolen goods.
But suddenly an excavator appeared with an order from the town hall to demolish the house, with all the books and material that was inside it.
Unlike other raids, the media were not present. Presumably the magistrate that had ordered the eviction had entered the building to accuse those responsible for the house of hypothetically receiving stolen goods.
We are awaiting further news, given the difficulty comrades have in moving due to the militarisation of the city.

“Odio Squat Punk” di Valparaíso violently evicted by a group of the Communist Party

source: Columna Negra, 04.03.10

Valparaíso, 4 March - Around 11am a group of 8-10 members of the Communist Party evicted the occupants of the house “Odio Squat Punk”, in calle Aldunate 1566.
After tearing out the door of the building with a mallet the members of the CP went inside, throwing out the 3 occupants who were having lunch. One of them was slightly wounded.
The house had been occupied since December 2008, inside there was a fanzine library with over 2.000 zines from all over the world. They also carry out open activities in the community, such as a kitchen, a cine-forum, etc.
Before then the place had been abandoned for years without anyone taking possession of it, which led to the squatting and opening of the liberated space. A couple of Communist Party militants turned up in the first weeks of the occupation, claiming ownership of the property, a situation that has been going on for some months, especially with the approaching of the elections. ..
...after chasing away the occupants, the CP militants started to destroy the graphic and literary material. With the excuse that there was "dangerous material", they prevented anything from being taken out of the house until the police arrived at 12.30.
As we write, comrades are arriving to help to take away the stuff that is still in the house, in the presence of other CP militants and even leaders such as Dr. Neumann - councillor in the commune of Valparaíso - and the bourgeois press. The situation of the inhabitants is uncertain, given that the comrades that opened the squat, two young people with a small son, are not in the region.

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