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Monday 29 March 2010

Milan - postman injured by letterbomb addressed to Northern League

translated from informa-azione
MILAN - An explosion injured a postal worker in the sorting office of via Lugano in the northern area of Milan Saturday morning at 5.45. As the person assigned to the job was sorting the envelopes one of them, it seems addressed to the Northern League in via Bellerio, caught fire. The sorter sustained light injuries to his face and hands. Explosives experts arrived at the sorting office and are checking envelopes and packages, and the Digos (political police) are carrying out investigations.
In the claim found inside the envelope there was a phrase against the minister Maroni. This particular, which emerged during examination, has been officially confirmed by the police carrying out investigations. «They rape inside the Detention camps - can be read among other things on a piece of paper - Maroni is accomplice to these acts. ».
THE CLAIM - According to indiscretions, the missive has been claimed by the same group of the galaxy of the Fai (Federazione anarchica informale) that struck the Bocconi university last
December. This is a group that signs itself «Sorelle in armi », and on that occasion had placed an explosive tube in a tunnel of the university, that only partly detonated during the night, perhaps by mistake.
THE WITNESS - «I heard a bang, a dull sound and people running towards Pietro. Then they evacuated us. I know that he was wounded in the hands and his hair was singed. He was stunned. It was just before 6 and we were sorting the correspondence when the explosion took place, then the ambulance came and took Pietro away.» the words of a colleague in the gardens near the post office after the evacuation. Forensic police took away an envelope and residual material from the explosion.
A WORKER - «Sometimes we don't think about it, but when such things happen close up it is difficult to work knowing that any letter can be dangerous».

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