One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Thursday 11 March 2010

Anarchist comrade Lambros Fountas

Honour to anarchist Lambros Fountas

Comrade Lambros was a real fighter and an example for all of us. True rebel, sworn enemy of inaction. Austere, sober, selective, determined. UNTIL THE END, HEAD of himself. Furthermore, he did not fall into the trap of making a contract with his life. A contract with life is for those who get divorced into the selection of legal transaction.
Consider these not-so-grand, but honest words, as a last farewell to a comrade and freedom fighter.
Let history speak ...
Giorgos Voutsis Bogiatzis
prison, 11 Μarch 2010

After the end of the big demo in Athens today a group of people approached the Ministry of Culture in Bouboulinas from the back street (Zaimi), walked into the parking and set fire to a State van parked in the internal courtyard of the Ministry, in memory of the comrade Lambros.

from actforfreedom


  1. Stop growing in her heart world, we share the world in your heart Fountas. I killed their bloody system, we will not forget, we will not forgive die! Who moved with your loss of our fight fire, you're left to us is certainly the more growth will be directed to them, get comfortable ... the spirit of one of thee other areas not yet involved in a fight just because of people say the brothers know that we are killing insanlarıda .. In fact, at this time everyone was killed at the age child can not ignore. Their colonial systems, we do not hear a lie anymore .. stupid therapeutic Our hearts, you're moving from a world that in her heart. O world someday, most recently and will be implemented at the earliest opportunity. All of our fighting brothers fighting in the death of ardırmadan you, the account must be killed like everyone else will ask.

    We will not forget you,
    We will not forget them!
    Learned once again, we will not forget!
    All states, terrorists, all policemen are murderers!
    The rebellion in the mountains of our hearts;
    Every day it will reach there by himself.
    Our fuel each fire, the smoke will carry news of you happy!
    Our fight Uðruna you die, will die for the sake of our fight now ..

    Antalya Anarchy