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Sunday 27 March 2011

Turin, Italy - Offices of Eni, accomplice of war and exploitation, stormed


Indymedia piemonte - 22/-3/2011 - at about nine o'clock in the morning, fifteen people stormed the offices of Eni in Course of Palermo, Turin.
Armed with a leaflet, a banner and a megaphone they recalled the role of Eni in Libya, first its collusion with Gaddafi and his suppression that ensured the exploitation of energy resources, then with the U.S., France, Great Britain, Canada and Italy coalition through their "humanitarian" aims to secure a good share of oil and gas in the near future. A clear answer to this: as long as we fail to convince you to poison yourselves with nuclear power it's open war to grab the remaining resources of the planet, in this case in the former colonies.
Then, blocking the traffic, they wrote with liquid chalk on the road in front of the building: "Eni accomplice of war and exploitation."
Needless to say, the agents of the Digos [political police] made their usual comic appearance. Rushed to the scene, they upset the bucket of chalk on to their clothes in an attempt to seize it from those holding it and then, furious, set off on a chase through Porta Palazzo. A few comrades were stopped and to the police station and after keeping them there for hours trying to make out a case to arrest them, however, they failed and had to set them all free.
Here is a passage from the leaflet:

"Neither the government nor the Eni have any problem "of conscience", and the Libyan events this month are a clear example. First Gaddafi was their best ally, the one with which to make those treaties of friendship in exchange for economic deals (including the entry of Eni in Libya) that enrich the exploiters from one side of the Mediterranean to the other, have sanctioned the 'externalization of the defense of the Italian border through Italo-Libyan joint patrols and the construction of detention centres for migrants which from all evidence are concentration camps where men and especially women are tortured. Now that the situation has precipitated the Italian government has [...] turned its back on an old ally and business partner, in order to ensure its presence in the country and its market share .[...] Eni: a guard dog with six legs, ready to change its owner to defend so as to preserve their bone made of gas and oil. "

On either side of the Mediterranean, against the exploiters and the side of the rebellion!

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