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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Karaj, Iran - Mutiny and repression in Ghezel Hesar prison


According to the HRANA [Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners] group, at least 150 prisoners have been killed following bloody clashes that erupted at Ghezel Hesar in Karaj during the night of 15 March. Thousands of prisoners of units 2 and 3 launched a protest after hearing news of the imminent execution of a dozen co-prisoners.

During the protest approximately 3,000 prisoners tried to destroy the doors of their cells while chanting, “The executions must stop.” Security forces attacked the prison cells, resulting in bloody clashes and the transfer of some prisoners. Reports indicate that prison guards used live ammunition to control the protests. Consequently, nearly eighty prisoners were seriously injured or killed, but the number of those shot is 150 or higher.
..The Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners reported on March 16th that some people attacked the prison from the outside in an attempt to free some of the prisoners. According to these reports, some prisoners escaped. News of the escapes has not been confirmed by other sources.
The latest news indicates that Ghezel Hesar prison is under lock down after riot police forces entered the grounds. On March 19th, the RAHANA group reported that phone privileges have been cut off for prisoners until further notice. Yesterday morning, some prisoners were able to make brief phone calls to their families, but by noon, all communication was cut off.
The Iranian regime's Fars News Agency reported that after destroying the prison facilities, breaking windows, and attacking the guards, protesters attempted to escape from the prison. The report did not mention the use of live ammunition against the protesters, but did confirm the death of a few prisoners as a result of “injuries inflicted and smoke inhalation.”
On March 16, Reuters reported 14 dead and 33 wounded, quoting Iranian State television.

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