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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Nottingham UK - Supermarket smashed in solidarity with Kulon Progo

325 nostate

20 March 2011 - “On Sunday night at 1:45am the Tesco’s on Hucknall Road was visited by some individuals. As a result of this visit it’s front door was smashed and ‘every little hurts’ was written on it’s wall. We did this because of hatred for the physical manifestation of capitalism that is Tesco’s.
We also did this as gesture of solidarity with the people of Kulon Progo in Indonesia who fight with beauty, rage and defiance against the capitalist forces which are trying to destroy their land. We know our efforts are slight, but they are sent with love for anyone who struggles against the systems of destruction and domination.
We know that capitalism is more than the bricks and mortar these building are made out of them, we know they are more than the companies which work out of these buildings. Capitalism lives in our interactions and our relationships, and we must constantly challenge it. The destruction of property will only ever be one form of this challenge, one tactic that we can use whenever we see fit. But it is one where we are able to share our affinity with one another, learn with one another, develop trust with one another, these acts enable us to temporarily penetrate our relationship with capitalism. Enabling us to prove that it is not infallible, that it has it’s weakness, and we can exploit them.
The expression of our anger against symbols of capitalism empowers us and deepens our desire to deform the control that capitalist society has over us. We will not just sit back and let companies like Tesco’s go unchallenged as they attempt to rip right through the communities of which we’re a part. Tesco’s are the epitomy of corporate exploitation and monopolization. Profiting from the commodification of our diets, our nourishment and our relationship with the earth.
The chain of commodities of which they’re apart is a chain where everything and everyone suffers. Well fuck you Tesco’s, fuck you corporate destroyers of the earth and everything living in it.
In glorious rage and with eternal love to all those who resist corporate exploitation.”

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