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Thursday 10 March 2011

Greece - 1326 prisoners send letter to honour anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, shot dead by police one year ago today


10 march 2011 - "We honour the revolutionary, guerilla, member of Revolutionary Struggle, Lambros Foundas who fell fighting in an armed clash with the dogs of the State a year ago today.
The State and its soldiers are slowly taking the mask off supposed legality and are executing and imprisoning those who do not submit to their laws and fight for dignity and freedom.
We are prisoners of the Greek prisons, we know very well that there is no justice inside police cells, courtrooms and the slum prisons.
It's time for the rest to wake up ...
Freedom to the members of Revolutionary Struggle, comrades in arms and comrades of Lambros Foundas, Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas.
Free the 3 anarchists Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vangelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis prosecuted as participants of Revolutionary Struggle and deny the charges.
Freedom to those in the cells ...
"People live, people die, people laugh, people cry, some give up, some still try, some say hi, while others say bye, others may forget you, but never will we..." "

Text signed by prisoners in the Greek prisons: 290 in B wing and 195 in A wing of Larissa prison, 60 in A2 and 59 in C2 wing in Grevena prison, 435 in B wing Korydallos prison and 29 from Z wing, 28 from H wing of Corfu prison, and 230 in A wing, Patras.

We will not hesitate to speak about Lambros Foundas, despite the asphyxiating ring that the governmental repression wants to create around him.
It is difficult to accept that we will never see comrade Lambros again.
The vibrations of his social and individual action and the continuous consistency and continuity in conscience, the life attitude, social solidarity, the collective struggles and the multiform action rendered him always dangerous for every authority and the state. A dangerous enemy of the state and every dominating mechanism, an individual with a passion for freedom, that penetrated the thought of everyone that was near him, a friend close to the heart of those who fought with him. He dissolved with the depth of his thought and his attitude hallucinations and self-delusions. To walk along together with comrade and friend Lambros was a process of anarchy and freedom, a process of deep human knowledge and freedom.
This is why they could never “strike him in the mind”. His sensitivity for each person that needed solidarity took the dimension of a daily behaviour, attitude of life, revolt, of a dynamic blow against the state, the relations of imposition and the relations of exploitation of people by people.
There are certain people so old that it seems they come from the future. Because, those of who stood side by side and together with Lambros had the conscience that in “our time” we had to give a battle with an enormous depth in the time of history, with continuous fights and conflicts for the liberation from the dominating bonds.
A history so long that it made us already touch upon a step further, constantly, with dignity and self-activity, breaking the ringer of fear that they manufacture and lurks, experiencing the need of anarchy.
In any case, Lambros Foundas lives in the flaming hearts of those who fight continuously for dignity and freedom. The memory of the rebels that die is incarnated in our small and big revolts.
Honour for ever to our comrade fighter revolutionary Lambros Foundas!!!

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