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Saturday 5 February 2011

Egypt - Methods to install chaos chez Mubarak


Friday, February 4, 2011 - Egypt: The regime's game unveiled in a secret document of a few lines
A secret document published by the Egyptian daily "Misryoun" shows a plan of the Egyptian Interior Ministry to deal with demonstrations against the Mubarak regime.
This document includes terrible measures intended to intentionally spread chaos and terror in the ranks of the people and start a campaign to mislead the media.
The full text of the document, as published by the newspaper cited:
Ministry of the Interior Minister's Office
Secret and very important
Subject: A plan to confront the popular events.
- To allow the demonstrators to pass through the streets of towns and villages in the country, and not block their protest. Be very careful when firing live or rubber ammunition and tear gas canisters and obey the orders of senior officers.
- Enroll many thugs, pay them well, meet with them in their homes or in public meeting places, (...) the information on the mobilization plan (...) with the aim of sowing chaos gradually.
- Control all members of parties and organizations, coordinate with publishers and communications services, impose complete control over the messages transmitted and received.
- Means of communication (Mobile Internet) will be cut from Friday, 28-01-2011 at six o'clock in the morning, while keeping mobile phone communication, therefore, all officers and members must use this means of communication and make sure they are encoded.
- A plan for the deployment of police and plainclothes security.
- Limit the unfolding events on Friday 28-01-2011 in the public squares and main, and cut the road in front of the protesters if they go to forbidden places as stipulated by map number 3.
- Ensure that security staff are in civilian clothes armed with sticks to stop members most responsible for the events without showing violence. (..)
- Simulate a partial failure of the police from Friday at 16:00 local to pretend that the protesters have the upper hand and then allow the infiltration of thugs to spread chaos (...).
- Complete withdrawal of police forces, security centre, guards, officers and all members responsible for protecting government sites. Dressed in civilian clothes, they must be deployed at the edges of the streets, around trees, infiltrate the ranks of demonstrators without revealing their identities, and without any negative sign, pending receipt of new orders.
- Empty the police centres of arms and ammunition, transfer the prisoners to the central prison, the prisoners put under strict surveillance, replace with members of the Security Force (...)
- Disseminate information through the media about looting, order women of the security services contact the media and claim they are horrified.
- In parallel with the deployment of thugs, spread publicity about vandalism and looting banks and businesses to sow horror in the ranks of protesters who will claim the deployment of military forces and the police (...).
- Spread information about the formation of civil protection committees in neighbourhoods to push the demonstrators to go home without resorting to force.
- Spread false rumours through the international media, and give the local media the task of correcting them in order to restore public confidence in them.
- Spread rumors about the spread of chaos and the flight of large numbers of prisoners and claim they are directed to residential neighbourhoods. (...)
- Monitor the situation on the ground and charge members of security to count the demonstrations and know their addresses, in order to send groups of thugs to their neighbourhoods and to remove them and thereafter empty the streets of demonstrators.
Friday, February 4, 2011

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