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Friday 11 February 2011

Canavese and Val d'Aosta, Italy - AGAINST NUCLEAR DISASTER


On the night between Sunday, February 7 and Monday 8 in Val Susa train station Condove Chiusa San Michele, about forty people, alerted by reports from France, awaited the passage of a train loaded with nuclear waste coming from Saluda (Vercelli). Close to the arrival of the train (at 3.39), there was an attempt to block the railroad tracks despite the presence of a massive deployment of security forces so as to make any attempt at opposition impossible. All these uniforms give a good idea of how many interests were being defended there and how the nuclear issue is not resolved at all but continues to represent a dark threat to us all. This is clearly shown by the violence suffered by the charge of those carrying out the blockade, three of whom were then put under arrest, while others were forced to remain detained on the ground for hours. Despite the incident, the transport of nuclear waste was disrupted and slowed down also by the presence of some fires along the tracks, lit after the police charge. Italy abolished the use of nuclear power in 1987 but in the Italian territory there are still disused nuclear power stations and depots of radioactive waste. For years this has been traveling to France to be treated in a manner that, if it is really possible, renders it less harmful and returned to Italy for storage. The economic burden of these operations is still added on to electricity bills (30 years after !!!!!!!!!!!!). Right now, Italy would like to return to the use of nuclear energy driven by the interests of the usual industrial economic groups (ENEL, ENI, Sogin, ANSALDO, etc. ..) along with the banks, without having yet solved waste disposal and security of nuclear sites.
What we want to emphasize is not so much the, normal, abuses of the forces of the law, but the resolute determination with which people acted and the rebel awareness of what has been done on the basis of a broader process of struggle and rejection of ALL harmfulness. For us, it is not enough just to say NO TAV yet allow tons of nuclear waste to pass by our homes: it is technological rubbish, new and old, all part of a mechanism of profit that pays no attention to the consequences, but only to the interests of power.
With Guido and Arturo, rebel lovers of freedom!
Documentation space Lo Sconfino,
Anarchists of Canavese and Val d'Aosta

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