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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Alexandria, Egypt - Clashes break out between anti-government protestors and supporters of dictator Mubarak


2 February 2011 - Clashes have broken out between anti-government protesters and supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the city of Alexandria as millions urge the president to step down.
Opposition protesters say government forces and the police opened fire on demonstrators, but there are no reports of casualties so far.
The army sent in tanks and armored vehicles to break up the clashes, which were seen circling the city's Mahatit Masr Square.
The troops fired in the air in an attempt to disperse the crowds.
Meanwhile, thousands of people across the world have taken to the streets to express solidarity with Egyptian anti-government protesters.
Demonstrators in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Jordan, Morocco, India, and the Philippines have called on the Egyptian president to meet the demands of the people, a Press TV correspondent reported on Tuesday.
In a televised speech earlier in the day, Mubarak said that he would not run in the election scheduled to be held in September but said he would stay in office until then.
Mubarak added that he would carry out political reforms and do his best to meet the protesters' demands.
His remarks did not sit well with the outraged protesters who were still at Cairo's Tahrir Square. They jeered at Mubarak's statements, saying they wanted him to step down now and not in September.
"Go, go, go! We are not leaving until he leaves," they chanted.

The Three Hundred Stooges (and the Yellow Journalists)
occupied london

February 2, 2011 - One would have to be a fresh-off-the-boat international correspondent to be fooled by the pitiful attempts to stage “pro-Mubarak protests” on the streets of Egypt today. Egyptians know these people too well. It’s always the same middle-aged men with death in their eyes. Most of them dress casual; not too shabby, but nothing fancy either, for their Interior Ministry paychecks are nothing to brag about. Some are plucked from work sites and street corners with the offer of 50 pounds and a chicken sandwich. If any of them ever believed in what they were doing then the look in their eyes shows that such illusions have long vanished. They always arrive in coordinated groups just in the nick of time to stage a “pro-government protest” wherever an actual protest has been planned. They are often armed with sticks, and sometimes stones, and their usual role is to beat people with impunity.
Today these state security goons were ordered to appear on cue to cheer Mubarak’s pre-recorded speech on the streets of Alexandria, Suez and Cairo. In Alexandria they attacked the crowds who had amassed in Mahatit Masr Square with stones, and the crowd fought back. To break up the fight two army tanks drove between the groups and fired shots in the air. The “pro-Mubrarak protestors”, outnumbered and fearful of the army, withdrew. We have not yet had confirmation, but it appears that something similar occurred in Suez.
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