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Saturday 5 February 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Two youths, aged 16 and 17, shot dead by police for "trying to loot" derailed train


Two youths, aged 16 and 17, were killed and several people were injured, including two who are in serious condition after a shootout between police and adolescents in emergency neighborhood José León Suárez,in the San Martin Buenos Aires district of Buenos Aires, after the derailment of a freight train.
Official sources operating in the area reported that the incident occurred in the railway Mitre, TBA, at the height of a settlement known as "Villa La Cárcova" where the train derailed for reasons that could not be established.
According to spokesmen said the clash occurred when police officers arrived at the scene of the derailment and deployed an operation to evict a large group of youths who were allegedly "trying to loot" the convoy, traveling full of auto parts.
In the armed clash between police and young people a 17-year was killed, as confirmed by the commissioner 4 th of the area. Later a second death, of a boy aged 17, was confirmed.
According to the newspaper The Nation, the victims were identified as Frank Almiron, 16, and Mauricio Ramos, 17.
Moreover, according to the commissioner, there are two serious injuries, 18 and 19 years who were admitted to the hospital Belgrano, San Martín.
Buenos Aires Police, who declined to give official information about what happened, let it be known that the operation was deployed after a call to 911, for an alleged attempt to plunder the train, derailed due to action of the protesters.
Given the tragic consequences of the repression, residents of several 'villas de emergenci' of San Martín gathered at the 4th police station of José León Suárez, Juan Martín de Rosas and Echagüe, and staged a protest to demand justice.
The demonstration was held just after 20, with burning tires and cutting traffic by families who went to dump the 'Ecological Coordinator Metropolitan State Society (CEAMSE) to seek food and reusable waste.

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  1. The people create barricades on the rail road to robe the content of the containers, they've done that several times now. The police interviend and was attacked by angry people with guns and stones from everywhere.