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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Some updates concerning anarchist comrades in Greece

source: via Cette Semaine

The trial against anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis, arrested in January 2006 following a bank robbery in the centre of Athens, is due to take place on December 9.

Giannis has already been sentenced to 35 years prison at the first degree trial, this is now second degree, or 'appeal' as is the process in Greece. Another 3 comrades are being hunted for the same robbery: Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis e Grigoris Tsironis. About a month ago the Greek authorities, with the help of the media, offered a reward of 600.000 euro for information "give a hand" and sell out the three comrades in hiding.

The trial against Georgiadis Polikarpos and Vangelis Hrisohoidis, arrested in August 2003 for the kidnapping of wealthy businessman will probably take place in January 2010. The wellknown robber Vasilis Paleokostas, who escaped from Koridallos prison by helicopter a few months ago will be tried in his absence at the same trial.

Comrade Ilias Nikolau will be on trial in Thessaloniki on December 2.

Letter from Ilias Nikolau

Some have surrendered and other have felt satisfaction in hearing the declarations of the powerful concerning the uprooting of illegal violence.
Others still felt relief in knowing that immigrants will be persecuted and locked up: it is as if the misery and existence that they fill up with doses of pharmaceuticals will finally be redeemed.
However, the worst is that this society in order to prolong its slow death has been vaccinated with the phrase "I just live my personal life" and with apathy.
Prey of their bosses, victims of leaders of every kind, they are humiliated, put down their heads for nothing and always lose the sense of their own potential and dignity even sacrificing the last moments of freedom. In this world where resignation and obedience reign, there are proud eyes and traces of dignity that are not afraid to pay the ultimate price and put their lives in their own hands.
All the impassioned worshipers of Negation are struggling along the paths of freedom. Passersby in a path that leads to individual and collective freedom, the warriors against injustice always show their presence wherever they are.
Now it is our turn and we, from the dark cells of democracy, are hurling out a signal: unconditional solidarity towards those who firmly look life in the eye and lay claim to the obvious: Absolute freedom, without succumbing to the chains of imprisonment, without taking even one step backwards.
Ilias Nikolau
16 November 2009

prison of Amfissa

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