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Sunday 15 November 2009

Dawn arrest in Exarchia 14 November

'Greece: Arrest of a presumed member of an extremist group'
(14 november 2009)
Agence France-Presse, 14.11.09 | 10h25
(translated from Cette Semaine)

'Saturday the Greek police announced the arrest of a 22 year old Greek woman for her presumed belonging to a group born from the anarchist movement and author of attacks on property.
According to police the young woman is a presumed member of the group, "Conspiracy of cells of fire", who had been wanted by police since the arrest at the end of September of four prime suspects aged between 20 and 21 years. They have been charged with "belonging to a criminal organisation".
According to a police source, the police have issued a total of 11 arrest warrants against presumed accomplices of the four.
The young woman's fingerprints have been found in an apartment in the north suburbs of Athens used by the latter, from which three men have been detained and a young woman released without conditions.
Police have issued a communique stating that the new suspect is suspected "of belonging to a terrorist organisation", and of possession and use of explosive for committing attacks.
She was seized at dawn in the Athens contestational quarter Exarchia following an attack with incendiary bottles launched by a group of young people against a police anti-riot squad, specified the police source.
Coming from the anarchist area, according to police, the "Conspiracy of cells of fire" have claimed a wave of attacks using incendiary devices and explosives against personalitys' homes and offices and against four orthodox churches, in the wake of the urban troubles unleashed by the death of an adolescent killed by a policeman December 6 2008 in Exarchia.
The group has among others claimed an explosive attack on October 13 against the Athens residence of Euro Deputy and ex-conservative minister Marietta Giannakou.
A similar attack causing material damage using an explosive charge placed in a casserole, struck a building in the east suburbs of Athens where a deputy of the socialist party in power lives.
The "Conspiracy" also claimed an incendiary device action on 3 December 2008 against the Agence France-Presse offices in Athens, in "solidarity" with the nine members of the "group of Tarnac", at the time accused of damage to TGV high speed railway lines in France.'

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