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Sunday 15 November 2009

A few bits of news from Spain October/November

(11 November 2009)
from Cette Semaine

Spain October 23: Amadeu Casellas ends his hunger strike.
Amadeu Casellas confirms having ended his hunger strike Wednesday 21 October after 100 days. He made this decision following two attacks during which he almost went into a coma and after the judge signed an authorisation for him to have a gastric tube inserted and be force fed. He is in a very weak state and risks having permanent damage. He has applied to the Ministry of Justice to grant him a pardon. We are making an appeal to intensify the campaign to demand immediate freedom for Amadeu. (Klinamen)

Barcelona, 23 October 2009 : occupation of Radio Catalogne for Amadeu Casellas
A group of about twenty people occupied the premises of Radio Catalogne (Av Diagonal, 614) in protest against the silence of the media about the case of Amadeu Casellas. Another numerous group stayed outside the building. (Klinamen)

Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, 25 October 2009 :
Action in solidarity with Amadeu in the cathedral. Saturday 24 October in the morning, a group of people in solidarity storm the cathedral of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle to unfurl a banner on the balustrade in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas. For over an hour they shouted slogans for his freedom, against the State and its extermination centres until they were expelled by the cops. They were all identified but no arrests were made. Immediate freedom for the comrade! Down the walls! (Klinamen)

Barcelona, 27 October 2009 : The solidarity doesn’t stop! Action in Guinardo for Amadeu. During the night of the 26th, around 23.00, we decided to pay a little visit to the seat of the Horta-Guinardo district in Barcelona. In the same way as the afternoon when a few people managed to hold back the police to do the demonstration, we wanted to come out to check that their buildings are accessable and vulnerable. In the same way that in the afternoon some people attacked the windows of banks and institutions, we wanted to show with stones and hammers that solidarity is not just a word. Amadeu is still in prison. May the solidarity not stop! (Klinamen)

Greece, 30 October 2009 : communiqué for the action against the Spanish consulate in Thessaloniki.
Imprisoned since the eighties, now for over 25 years anarchist Amadeu Casellas “is paying” the price of his personal decisions. He is accused of bank robberies for financing factory occupations and direct action
at a time when the collective and the individual, the clandestine and the social formed a complete and decided force in the Spanish proletariat. The Spanish government, well known for its repressive practices developed to destroy the revolutionary movement that has threatened its social stability over many years, is now trying and is finally managing through propaganda, recuperation and persecution to isolate and control the most active part of revolutionary struggles past and present. That has resulted in many combatants having spent their lives in prison and some have even died there. But behind the bars the battle doesn’t stop. The imprisoned, in spite of the disastruous conditions they put up with, do not cease struggling for their ‘rights’, but above all for their dignity. One of them is Amadeu, who with many hungerstrikes and other kinds of protest has shown that for a revolutionary the struggle never ends and contiues to exist no matter what the circumstances they find themselves in. After the acts of sabotage, the occupations and dynamic demonstrations that have taken place in Spain, we have decided to ‘decorate’the Honorary Consulate of Thessaloniki with an explosive device in solidarity with anarchist Amadeu Casellas. The hunger strike might end, but the struggle continues. Until the liberation of the last prisoner, right to the destruction of the last prison in the whole world.
International Chamber for the spreading of revolutionary violence.

Guadalajara, 1 Novembre 2009 : anarchists attack the offices of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party) and the I.U (Izquierda Unida, left coalition) during the same night.
The two headquarters (Calle Madrid and Calle Arcipreste) woke up to find their locks blocked with silicone and their façades full of red paint. The general secretary of the I.U., Francisco Riaño assured that these deeds « beyond their anecdotal appearance, constitute an attack against public liberties, because manifestly by blocking the locks, it prevents the normal functioning of a democratic party like the Izquierda Unida (United Left) ». They also consider that it is not an isolated incident and point out that the offices of the I.U. were also attacked in Hortaleza and Madrid in 2007 and recently in Logroño and in the Madrid area of Ciudad Lineal, just like the PCE offices in Guadalajara in July 2008.

Barcelona, 2 November 2009 : action against the COP-15
During the night of 2 Novembre, the company Konica-Minolta was attacked and had the windows of its main offices (in Rambla Brasil) broken. This is our way of welcoming the the preparatory meeting organised by governments and companies in view of the Copenhagen summit. Konica-Minolta is one of the main sponsors of the Barcelona pre-summit that began yesterday 2 November and will end on the 6th. During the CPO15 of Copenhagen (7 to18 December), as in all the preceding summits, governments and companies will build new and juicy affairs under the cover of durable development and action against climate change. We know their intentions very well: improve capitalism to perpetuate its existence. Now the time of green capitalism has arrived. The forms change, but the repression, the destruction of the Earth, the exploitation of everything possible continues. They talk to us about the weather. Not us. Which means direct action against their lies. Not just here and now. Always and everywhere. ...For anarchy! (Liberación Total)

Ségovia, 2 November 2009 : Action in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas
The action consisted of breaking the windows of Cope and Popular TV studios, then breaking the windows of the town hall. It was later claimed by telephone to the two media attacked, demanding the liberation of Amadeu Casellas Ramon and it be publicised in the bourgeois media to expose this State crime against society... Freedom for Amadeu Casellas ! Penitentiary institutions, Generalitat et PSOE assassins !!!

[from Klinamen et Liberación Total via Cette Semaine]

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