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Monday 25 April 2011

Santiago, Chile - Police bus attacked outside University campus in solidarity with the 14 of the 'caso bombas' frame up


from Hommodolars Contrainformación, 22/04/2011 - Note: The following communiqués were sent via e-mail, and both refer to the same action—a direct attack on those who constitute the apparatus of the prison system, against the backdrop of the week of agitation and solidarity with the A14 compas. We are publishing both as reflections on the action.
Communiqué 1: USACH Street Solidarity
The three cop buses stationed at different points around the University of Santiago, Chile (USACH) campus neither intimidated nor deterred the longing for solidarity and fire that compelled various individuals to take the streets on Thursday, April 21 as part of the week of agitation and propaganda for the political prisoners framed in the “bombings case.”
In the middle of a silent morning, while capital’s dogs were fattening themselves and sleeping in their opulent buses, people in solidarity took to the streets and set one of those buses on fire, with the surprised pigs only managing to flee, as usual.
What’s the point of this whole apparatus, with its buses and patrols? The streets are surely ours, and that has been demonstrated once again. There is no room for intimidation in our freedom-hungry hearts, and we will use our weapons to clash with anyone who tries to take that freedom away from us.
The confrontation lasted just over an hour, during which at least three of Hinzpeter’s loyal dogs took direct hits from our enraged fire. The demonstration ended with all the comrades free and the cops hidden behind their machines.
Resist, cabros. Solidarity is becoming action, and you are not alone. Subversion, insurrection, and revolt are spreading everywhere.
IMMEDIATE RELEASE for the Prisoners framed in the “Bombings Case”!
Fire to the prisons and their guards!

Communiqué 2
Approximately 50 comrades came from far and wide, appearing by surprise yet again in front of the University of Santiago (USACH), looking for a confrontation with the State’s dogs. The campus has recently been crawling with a rather excessive number of “special forces” (what a contradiction, since the only thing special about them is their strange willingness to defend what doesn’t belong to them, for a pitiful salary).
Since Monday, a water cannon, an armored car, a bus containing a disproportionate number of asshole pigs, and a patrol squad with the same characteristics were stationed in front of the University. Elsewhere, a patrol squad and a bus could be seen near the president’s office at certain times during the past few days. Watchers had also been posted near the USACH metro station. We don’t know what their purpose was, nor do we care. We only question their incredible capacity for delirium and the deployment of disproportionate numbers of oppressors.
Strangely, today’s reality was a bit diminished since there were only three buses surrounding the University, one of which was parked directly in front. That was our target.
We came out by surprise, without being heard. Upon seeing us, the valiant guardians only managed to hide inside their filthy vehicle, which we turned into shit with pure fire. It was one of those scenes that swells your heart and brings tears to your eyes, watching those cowardly faces run for their very lives when confronted with a lightly armed but brave group of people.
The fight lasted approximately 45 minutes, during which the bourgeoisie’s little lapdogs didn’t even dare to advance, instead spraying a considerable amount of their disgusting gas.
Our motive: Unconditional support for the political prisoner comrades on hunger strike for the past 60 days. Many of those who participated in today’s events didn’t share all the ideas of the people in the State’s dungeons, but that didn’t matter to us, because they nevertheless took action. Our goal will always be solidarity among revolutionaries, and we hope the smell of our gasoline reaches the cells of our compas and conveys our appreciation during these difficult times. Patience.
We are aiming for active solidarity on all fronts in the hope of breaking the ideological barriers that divide us and unifying our actions to achieve confrontation with the bourgeoisie. That is our goal.
Freedom for all comrades who are prisoners of the state. Solidarity everywhere. Each small battle is a contributing blow, and every method is valid.
P.S. Afterward, we were approached by a group of imbeciles from the Medical Sciences department, along with some engineering students. They tried to start something with a few compas, who showed no fear. This isn’t the first time that’s happened. The class traitors shouted “This goes against the university” while trying to throw the compas out. They don’t scare us. Just the opposite. Their cheap discourse doesn’t sway us. The university is a bourgeois institution and everyone knows it, but those who manage to get in from other strata make a tremendous effort to find ways of generating subversion wherever we are. And we are everywhere.
Long live the young combatants!
Free the world’s prisoners!
End the “Bombings Case” set-up!
For the spread of solidarity everywhere, using all forms of struggle!

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