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Thursday 28 April 2011

Brighton, UK - Stokes Croft warms up again!

UK indymedia

29/04/2011 00:36 - The evening in Stokes Croft started with a spontaneous gathering to a sound system playing from the first floor window of the squat Telepathic Heights. People gathered outside the squat and opposite, just slightly down from Tescos (now completely boarded up and still closed).
A short time later a 12 volt sound system arrived and began playing in the area just down from Telepathic Heights to the obvious pleasure of many local residents who arrived in greater numbers.
At this time the police presence appeared low key, with uniformed officers in pairs maintaining a presence along Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Rd and mixing with residents. However substantial reinforcements in the form of Tactical Support Groupos and Riot Police were parked in several of the side roads leading from this main thoroughfare.
At approx 10.30pm a spontaneouis chant of 'Whose streets? Our streets!' went up from the crowd and was taken up by most of those present which had the effect of attracting more people to the increasing police numbers.
The 12volt system moved about a bit in order to occupy the streets and not to let the police get control in order to kettle and disperse local residents.
The author left at this point with others in order to do a stint of squat sitting in order to protect our homes from sudden police raids like those seen in London and Brighton.
By 1.00am a burning barricade appeared at the top of brigstock rd, just off Stokes Croft towards St Pauls.
Mounted police charge up and down Stokes Croft to try and regain control but simply inflame the situation like last week.
Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Road up to the arches at Gloucester Rd are saturated with police who are making all local residents remain on their property and in their gardens.
Police helicopter buzzing low over area again.
Police seem to be unable to contain situation in a potential repeat of last week. There appears to be no outright rioting or police/resident confrontations- yet.

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