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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Island of Mitilini, Greece - Attack on Eurobank in solidarity with the people of Keratea


08/04/2011 - We live in a time of war. A time where the oppressed receive a full on attack from state and capital it is of imperative need to realize from which position we speak and which side we support with our word our and action. With this fact we can see a blurry vertical line that separates the two fighting camps and becomes clearer each time those below dispute the decisions of the dominance and receive their repressive violence, therefore also are revealed the cohesive bonds between those fighting against these decisions. We do not support with indiscrimination whoever fights. However, the violence of the state should be answered with violence. Each tenacious and uncompromising fight against the interests and the plans of the opportunists, and in favour of the freedom of people to determine their lives as they want, strengthens the social entropy and it does not cease to be on our side since we see this bisector line from the camp of the former.
Solidarity, whose significance is degenerated by the excessive use of the word from all sorts of populist demagogues, apart from being a component with which human societies were created and evolved, is also a very powerful weapon for the camp of the below in the social war. It becomes particularly dangerous for the enemy when it is expressed factually and its carrier seeks to transmit the corresponding political message to as many as possible wider layers of oppressed.
At 4.20 in the morning of 30/3 we attacked with hammers the subsidiary branch of Eurobank in our city as token of solidarity to the fighting residents of Keratea and in order to send a political message -proof of existence of people that think and are ready for action- on both camps. According to its bulletin, Eurobank possesses 40% share of the stocks of MESOGEIOS A.E. which is the main constructor of HYTA in Keratea. The residents of the Lauriotiki region, who have been fighting for over 100 days and are recieving continuous barbarian attacks from the dogs of the bankers and contractors – yes, we mean the cops – resulting in the injury of citizens, destruction of their properties, a pregnant woman lost her child, have already begun a campaign of boycotting the particular bank. These things naturally are not heard neither are written in the guided governmental means of mass deceit. They are heard and written however in the independent means of information and at
The state has transported already much of its waste (3000) from the camp of the MAT (riotcops), to Keratea. Its time they take these and the rest, go and burn them in the courts, the police departments and Parliament. Keratea we are with you!
In Solidarity

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