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Monday 5 March 2012

High voltage anywhere

29/02/2012 - As (unfortunately) often happens, it is the most dramatic events that are able to shake people and make them lose their patience. One thinks a lot about what is happening around the world, showing the institutional causes of the atrocities that infest the lives of each one of us, suggesting possible points of fracture. Everything is absorbed and metabolized, and meanwhile ... But then, suddenly a cop kills a Greek boy, a Tunisian street vendor sets himself on fire in protest, a rebel of the Susa valley falls from a pylon. Everything changes. The unexpected ignites the landscape, what was a hypothesis-fantasy until a moment ago becomes reality.
We have always believed and maintained that the struggle against the TAV was not an issue specific to a small valley in Piedmont. That the timing and means of struggle are not only those decreed by local assemblies in which the various political rackets - of any colour, even if it were the black of anarchy - more or less explicitly contend for the representation of the movement. That every collectivist blackmail that aims to bring together that which should be diversified be rejected. That centralism is a defect, not an opportunity. Taking up an intuition already developed in the 80s during the antinuclear struggles, we persist in believing that it is necessary to decentralize the struggle and pulverize it throughout the country. That if the TAV is everywhere, there is no need to race to Valsusa and show that one is up to the situation that has been created there (and no matter if nowadays it is only in that valley that the enemies of this world can take their great satisfaction). That the only way to give oxygen to that struggle is to get it out of that valley, take it elsewhere. Not summon people to tighten a knot, but seek to spread oneselves to weave an informal network.
Well, for the last 48 hours it is no longer the paths of the Magdalene to be invaded by the opponents of devastation by the State, but a bit all over Italy.
And there are no unique targets, or standard methods. It is no longer the (growling) collective adherence to the instructions of a political class, it is the churning of individual consciousness before the battered body of a comrade in a hospital bed to put today in motion. There are those who picket prefectures and block railway lines, those who occupy faculties and those who neutralize motorway tolls, those who suspend work and those who set fire to a machinery. The unfolding of a myriad of shades, even opposing, but without any synthesis. And there are still many possibilities for action to discover, invent and experiment. Alone or in company, day or night, today or tomorrow. To be equal to oneself, not what is determined by others.
This is also high voltage.


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