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Monday 5 March 2012

Against normality 
1/03/2012 - The TAV, it has been clear for some time, is not just a high speed train, is also the emblem of this world of goods, of always faster, profit at any cost, against the exploitation of people and nature. Perhaps that is why the protest against it is one that is so much felt. Because it pushes one to see the totality of things, the thread that links all the issues. A railway line is to be realised at the expense of those who live in the places where it will be built, ruining their lives for decades, occupying those places to turn them into sites protected by barbed wire and military checkpoints. A sort of miniworld that is reproducible anywhere, passing over people, bodies, dreams, in short the lifeof each one.
But if the protest is also to reproduce and multiply, then everything can change. And that is what is happening all over Italy, with spurts also in Europe. There is an awareness, clear or intuitively, that what's at stake is much more than the realisation of the TAV in Val Susa. Because while you struggle you have in mind that solidarity is almost unknown among those who live their relationships in the present world. That the devastation of the environment is reaching a point of no return (or maybe it has already reached it), all over the planet. That the militarization of the places where we live, from the cities to the valleys, is about to suffocate us. That the democratic regime, even the clean-faced or technical version, is a ferocious murdering guard dog.
What you have in mind is this unfair and intolerable order of things.
After an anarchist's fall from a pylon in the Susa Valley, solidarity and complicity have been extending. No matter where; what is boiling in the veins is more immediate and spontaneous than any reflection or analysis. Diffused pressure and agitation are lymph for the struggle against the high speed train but also for all that is at stake. Schema are not a valid compass to follow. Act as individuals through and through and do what one feels like doing, in Val Susa like elsewhere, alone or with others.
Discussion can be always helpful even when it is good to be timely. On the contrary polemics, sometimes a little calibrated, on the contrary do not move souls, they weigh them down. 

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