One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Angry News from around the world

Rebels by choice or necessity, men, women and children everywhere are fighting for their livliehood, their dignity, their freedom, their lives. Tabloid headlines continue to scream that a few bad apples are spoiling an otherwise decent world, but fewer and fewer people are being duped.
Rebellion illuminates, takes us beyond the pale of human misery out of the enclosures of obedience into a world without limits where bad passions awaken, charging the body and clearing the mind. Action clears the air: the compartmentalisation of the world of politics dissolves as immediacy meets infinity and self-interest expands into vibrant love and solidarity.
It is impossible to know everything that is happening, impossible to tell all the great—and bad—news. A little is all we need. It helps put the world the right way up. Makes it a place that we want to live in, take from, give to, enjoy, and, above all, move in to attack its enemies. We are not the insensate beings the system would like us to be. We can laugh with side-splitting laughter but we can also cry tears of anger. For it is only in the totality of the struggle reached by entering the great flux of life, chaos valiantly freed from the tyranny of reason, that pain can become joy and loss become full, not empty.
There is a certain urgency in this message. The urgency of desire. The will to put an end to suffering in its rational, multidimensional forms, dragged through the ages with poisonous insensitivity to reach unprecedented levels thanks to the investment of heartless science and anti-life technology. We are not primitivists, but we know that this world must disappear because it is only through the destructive process that there can be renewal, and soon even the ruins will be so toxic that nothing new will grow. Only through the destructive experience will we be able to reactivate our feelings, our intellect, our creative and aesthetic desires. Not to go backward. Not to go forward. To go elsewhere, beyond the limits of our possibilities and the extremes of our passions.To create a new world starting from each and every individual organising their struggle and their life with whom they please, without bosses or slaves.
What follows are words, just words. They are free to roam subversively into the consciousness of the reader in order to be re-elaborated. They tell but they also ask. They inform but also question. They describe action but are also theory. They are the culmination of what came before, and the beginning of what will come tomorrow. And they provide some indications in the eternal quest: what can we do? They are an open invitation, and we accept. Do you?

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